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Who should attend: Anyone birth to three with their caretaker

(Even if your child is shy and quiet, in class they are still learning and may at some point get home and start singing and doing the activities from class).

What is the purpose of Kindermusik: To help the child develop skills through music. While it is not a performance oriented program, your child will learn skills in Language and Literacy, Social and Emotional Skills, Cognitive and Visual-Spatial, Physical skills, and basic music principles.

What is Kindermusik: Listen, Move, Play, and Grow, It’s a music and movement interactive program, It’s a class your child can attend with their peers, The whole family can join in the fun and learning, Classes include playing simple musical instruments, Classes include songs and chants, Classes have story time, Classes provide the movement activities of dancing and group games, Classes will be one time a week, For 30- 40 minutes, New topics will be introduced each week, We will build on those topics the following week.
Topics include: Colors and shapes on the farm, Rhyming around town, Family and Friends, Up in the Sky, Down on the Ground, How do you Feel?

You are your child’s best teacher!
The Kindermusic class will provide you with music, songbooks, storybooks, a musical instrument, games, and family activities to go along with the class activities.
The time you are able to spend on these activities reinforces your child’s in-class learning.
At this age, home is your child’s most important learning environment.

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